Mike and Stefan have created a series of small fun swimming events on the Hamble River to enable swimmers of all levels to enjoy this amazing location in a safe environment whilst pushing themselves as far or as little as they want.

The events are laps of 750m where swimmers can cover as many laps as they want within 90 minutes. Swim for 9 minutes, 90 minutes or somewhere in between, our events are about you swimming as much or as a little as you want with the same level of support from the event team. If you want, get out after a bit, take a break and then go back in, the 90 minutes is for you to use as much or as little as you want. Whether you're a first time open water swimmer or someone training for another event, these swims are for you and all swimmers will receive a swim hat and a finishers token for completing the event.

A massive thank you to Jason the Harbourmaster and Duncan the Ranger at the Hamble Country Park in supporting and helping us set up these events.

Wetsuits will be compulsory for all swimmers. However, if you are an experienced open water sea swimmer and would like to swim without a wetsuit, please apply to stefan@washedupevents.co.uk giving your recent experience and swimming history. Each case will be assessed independently on its own merits. Please note, without going through this process and receiving approval prior to the event, wetsuits are mandatory. All swimmers who do get approval will have to swim with a tow float.